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Brolla has designed a series of machines that add value to installations, to overcome all kinds of limitations. These are very important to offer the optimal and desired degree of automation in palletization lines.

These accessories allow overcoming complex spatial situations, preparing and dispensing the materials necessary for palletization, or performing special functions. These types of machines from Brolla are specially adapted to the needs and demands of each product and customer.

Some examples of machines we manufacture for our lines include:

Transfer Cart

Bag Formers

Rotary Roller Conveyor

Robot end effectors

Bag Turners

Pallet Centerer

How does Brolla work?


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Individuelles Konzeptdesign und Investitionsschätzung


Herstellung des Palettiersystems basierend auf Ihren Bedürfnissen.


Umsetzung und Installation des schlüsselfertigen Systems.

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