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With our semi-automatic bagging machines, the operator is responsible for loading an empty bag into the corresponding mouth and activating the machine to catch and hold the bag securely. The filling process starts automatically.

This operating system allows the machine to be operated by a single operator, freeing up the rest of the staff to focus on other tasks.

Features & Benefits

  • For production rates of 4 to 6 bags/min. (net weight)
  • For production rates of 2 to 4 bags/min. (gross weight)
  • To fill bags of raffia, paper, plastic or mesh.
  • Possibility of changing the bag spout to make bags of different weights.
  • Available in two versions: steel or stainless steel.

We serve well-known customers around the world

Bag up to 37.500 kg per hour with Brolla’s automated bagging systems.

Characteristics of semi-automatic bagging machines

There are various configuration possibilities. Regardless of the sector you work in, our manual bagging machines can handle the bagging of any type of material. Semi-automatic bulk bagging machines are perfect for industrial, food, or pharmaceutical environments, allowing for continuous filling and quick and efficient palletization.

How does Brolla work?


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Manufacturing of the palletizing system based on your needs.


Implementation and installation of the turnkey system.

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