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Millions of individual items make up the flow of goods moving around the world every day, requiring timely delivery to the correct destination. It’s a trend that demands performance-based logistics, with efficient material flow systems.

  • Complete solution from a single provider
  • Integrated functions such as pallet dimensioning and visual inspections

We serve well-known customers around the world

Product Benefits

High productivity

Remote diagnosis and monitoring

Global experience and in-house manufacturing

Simple maintenance

Production: up to 220 pallets/hour

Invest in a Brolla pallet dimensioning system and get a payback in less than a year.

Characteristics of a pallet sorter

Brolla’s pallet sorting systems integrate all the benefits of pallet dimensioning through weight and volume checks, along with efficient processes achieved through repetitive internal transport procedures and standardized routes.

All of this enhances internal warehouse organization and ensures optimized and harmonized material flow. Integrated dimensioning functions assist cross-docking centers in verifying their loads. Brolla has developed future-oriented logistic solutions that seamlessly fit into your processes, being both personalized and scalable.

The collected data is processed in a local database, which can communicate with a higher-level computer system. This data is processed to identify and organize pallets by destination.

How does Brolla work?


Ask one of our advisors for information.


Custom concept design and investment estimate


Manufacturing of the palletizing system based on your needs.


Implementation and installation of the turnkey system.

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