Pallet dimensioning

Automate weight and volume control of pallets

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Pallet dimensioning

Dimensioning and weighing pallets is crucial for controlling and optimizing all goods passing through the transportation sector. It allows for detecting and correcting sizing and weighing errors to adjust volume and weight declarations made by customers.

Brolla systems ensure smooth transportation and transfers, with robust machines that perform the task quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

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Benefits of the Automatic Pallet Dimensioning System

Volume control

Volume control is increasingly important in the transportation sector. This is because carriers need a way to verify and control delibery notes, which directly impact the price of transportation services.

Weight control

Similar to volume control, verifying and controlling weight has a significant impact on carrier outcomes. It allows for economic benefit and proper organization of loads in the truck.

Modular and customized solutions

Close collaboration between the client and Brolla allows for adapting systems to the layout and a wide range of demands thanks to the modularity of designs.

Increased efficiency

Automatic dimensioning enables quick measurement of both regular and irregular objects, of small and large weight. This directly translates to improved productivity while enhancing control.

Invest in a Brolla pallet dimensioning system and get a payback in less than a year.

How does Brolla work?


Ask one of our advisors for information.


Custom concept design and investment estimate


Manufacturing of the palletizing system based on your needs.


Implementation and installation of the turnkey system.

BROLLA solutions for pallet dimensioning and weighing

The Pallet Sorter

  • Dynamic Pallet dimensioning and weighing
  • Improve warehouse management
  • Separation of loading and unloading traffic
  • Easy maintenance
  • Pallet sorting by destination

The Cannon

  • Dynamic Pallet dimensioning and weighing
  • Improve warehouse management
  • Separation of loading and unloading traffic
  • Minimum maintenance

The Astor

  • Static Pallet dimensioning and weighing
  • Minimum footprint
  • Cheaper option
  • No maintenance

Ideal Sectors and Applications

Brolla integrates automated volumetric and weight control into machines designed for the transportation and logistics sector. By correcting invoices with the collected data, a direct return on investment is achieved in less than a year. In addition to the physical dimensioning, the load is graphically documented. These advantages are perfect for optimizing warehouses of all types, increasing productivity, and improving warehouse organization. Some examples of sectors that can benefit include:

  • Transportation companies
  • Cross-Docking Centers
  • Logistics Centers

Real cases

FAQs about our dimensioning and weighing systems

Is it important to measure and weigh pallets for transportation?

In the transportation sector, it’s crucial to control the declared weight and volume, as it’s the main source of income. Controlling these parameters helps to avoid dimensioning errors and incorrect waybills.

How can time be saved when measuring pallets?

The most effective way to save time in measuring and weighing pallets is through a pallet dimensioning system. This system allows pallets to be weighed and cubed in less than 20 seconds, whereas manual methods take at least 40 seconds.

Can a dimensioning system be integrated into a sorter?

Yes, a dimensioning and weighing system can be integrated into a sorter to benefit from the advantages of performing these checks while goods are being sorted.

Brolla is an expert in integrating such systems for pallets.


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