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Automatic palletizing: revolutionize your industrial process

Palletizing is the industrial process of grouping cargo onto a pallet to protect the product and prepare it for transportation. The quality of the product after transportation is determined by the quality of palletizing.

Automating this process is an integral component in optimizing the industrial process and advancing toward Industry 4.0.

Implementing automation, such as automatic palletizing machines, allows for reducing personnel and management costs, controlling and increasing production, and reducing errors.

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Benefits of installing a palletizing system

Productivity increase

Palletizers allow for enhanced productivity and control over the end-of-line process. This is due to efficient and established palletizing techniques.

Cost reduction

Automating the end-of-line process helps in reducing personnel costs, freeing them up for more critical areas. Additionally, material loss due to errors or accidents is reduced.

Customized solutions

Brolla tailors all solutions to overcome functionality and stability limitations. Designs are modular and personalized, enabling improvements to the facilities.

Improved palletizing quality

Palletizers ensure high-quality finished pallets, thereby preventing accidents such as cargo detachment.

Increase your productivity by 200% with Brolla palletizers

How does Brolla work?


Ask one of our advisors for information.


Custom concept design and investment estimate


Manufacturing of the palletizing system based on your needs.


Implementation and installation of the turnkey system.

Our palletizers

Robotic palletizer

Palletizing robots are ideal for palletizing all types of products, simultaneously palletizing different lines, even in very confined spaces.

Layer palletizer

Layer palletizers are perfect for high-production scenarios and products where compacting the pallet is beneficial.

Cartesian palletizer

Cartesian palletizers are perfect for low-production installations with simple maintenance. They are the most economical option among different ranges.

Compact palletizer

Compact palletizing offers all the benefits of robotic palletizing while occupying minimal space, without compromising production.

What products can be palletized?

Brolla has extensive experience designing palletizing lines. These are integrated into many types of industries that have different products. Through cutting-edge and customized technology, these products are palletized efficiently and safely, with the possibility of format changes.

Below are some examples of different palletized products.



Cabinet doors




Sheet bags

Paper bags

Real cases

FAQs about Palletizing Systems

What should be considered when palletizing?

In automatic palletizing, the types of palletizing are distinguished based on the method used. There are 3 types of palletizers: robotic, layer, and cartesian. Each one has different versions, and at BROLLA, we are experts in all 3 technologies.

What should be considered when palletizing?

Measure the product to be palletized and test palletizing mosaics on the desired pallet size. You can consult specialized palletizing catalogs, such as BROLLA’s, to learn about the most common mosaics.

Fill the pallet surface as much as possible without exceeding it and ensure stability. Always interlock layers to maximize pallet stability.

Should I hire bagging machines for palletizing?

No, bagging and palletizing are separate processes. You can have an automatic palletizer with a manual or semi-automatic bagger; the goal is to have a machine performing the physical part of palletizing instead of an operator. However, when bagging manually or semi-automatically, for good palletizing, all bags should be uniform in size and shape.


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