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Compact palletizing cells with robots are designed to occupy the minimum possible space. They allow palletizing one pallet on each side, improving the autonomy of the installation.

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Product Benefits

Product-adapted end effector

Movement optimization

Minimal footprint

Production: up to 720 cycles/hour

High reliability

Increase your productivity by 200% with Brolla palletizers

Features of a compact palletizer:

The great benefit of these cells is that one finished pallet can be removed while the robot palletizes on the other side. This allows continuous operation during pallet change, in an operation that is completely safe for the operator.

The cells can work with different products such as bags, boxes, cans, coils, etc Just provide us with the characteristics of the product to be palletized at the time of ordering.

The set is designed to come pre-assembled and programmed from the Brolla factory. Installation at the workplace is simple and fast.

Product dimensions

This type of palletizer aims to occupy the minimum possible space without compromising the production capabilities offered by palletizing robots.

Installation Control

Installations with palletizing robots are controlled through a touchscreen that keeps functionalities up to date according to production. This software allows:

  • Activation of automatic programs.
  • Manual control of all machines comprising the installation.
  • Quick creation and editing of palletization recipes.
  • Troubleshooting.

How does Brolla work?


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Custom concept design and investment estimate


Manufacturing of the palletizing system based on your needs.


Implementation and installation of the turnkey system.

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