Packing & Palletizing

Palletizing Lines with robot

Automation by using robots is an integral component of efficient modern logistics applications. Smart robotics solutions facilitate continuous automation of your process chain and stand for high dynamics, flexibility and functional reliability.

BROLLA offers an extensive range of customized solutions for robot-assisted depalletizing and palletizing of bobbins, ingots, sacks and paper, which can be smoothly integrated into your entire system. Thanks to their special gripper systems, it is possible to avoid limitations in functionality and stability.

Every robot is only as good as the software it is controlled by. BROLLA has comprehensive IT system expertise that gives it the required know-how in-house.

Features & Benefits

  • Individual gripper systems
  • High flexibility
  • High dynamics
  • Functional reliability
  • Low occupancy of palletizing space
  • Production rate: up to 23 sacks/min.
  • Combination with other Brolla products to build a full palletizing line

Innovative state-of-the-art solutions