Packing & Filling

Packing & Palletizing

Semi automated bagging machines

The operational function of a semi-automated bagging machine is very similar to a fully automatic system. However, the operator still plays a role in the overall bagging process. With our semi-automated bagging machines, an operator is responsible for loading an empty bag onto the bag spout, triggering the machine to safely clamp and hold the bag. The filling starts automatically.

There are multiple configurations possible. However, a major benefit is that this machine can be handled by just one operator – freeing up other employees to tend to an array of different tasks. Regardless of the industry you are involved in, our semi-automated machines can complete bagging for all kinds of materials. Perfect for the industrial, food or pharmaceutical sectors, our semi-automated bulk bagging machine allows for continued filling and palletizing in an efficient and timely manner.

Features & Benefits

  • For production rates of 4 to 6 bags/min. (net weight)
  • For production rates of 2 to 4 bags/min. (gross weight)
  • To fill bags of raffia, paper, plastic or mesh. 
  • Possibility of changing the bag spout to make bags of different weights.
  • Available in two versions: steel or stainless steel.

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