Pallet management

Pallet Conveying Systems

Millions of different individual items travel through the world’s flow of goods every day and must be delivered on time to the correct destination. This is a trend that requires a performance-based logistics with efficient material flow systems.

BROLLA pallet conveyor systems are an outstanding solution for efficient processes with repetitive internal transportation procedures and standard routes. State-of-the-art technology ensures high throughput and gentle product support.

Especially for the cross-docking sector BROLLA has developed customized pallet sorting lines. Integrated functions like weight, dimensional & visual check help the cross-docking centers to verify their loads. These systems improve the internal warehouse organization and guarantee an optimum and harmonized material flow.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete solution from a single source
  • Capacity to handle 150 pallets/h
  • Integrated functions like weight, dimensional & visual check
  • Consistently high productivity thanks to reliable components
  • Remote diagnosis and monitoring
  • Comprehensive expertise and in-house manufacturing
  • Maintenance friendly design

Innovative state-of-the-art solutions